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"White paper and one black stripe on it  - it's not yet a zebra, but not a mantra anymore."
Zèbre is not just the first Nick Acorne's solo album, it's a mantra, it's flux d'information, which happened in his head. Zèbre is a mixture of jazz, avant-garde, drum and bass, disco and everything else dropped into Nick's mind. Zèbre is here to tell a story, to describe feelings, thoughts and to point absurd questions about art and artist's role in it.

Zèbre is silence and scream at the same time.

The best and the only one Anahi Meyer helped Nick to put into French shape all the lyrics and thoughts he wrote and took the role of the main narrator of the album. Takuto Fukuda and Reem Alsmadi added their fresh breathe of Japanese and Arabic languages into few tracks. Zèbre is something you will hear and watch soon.
Photo by M. Donska
Special thanks goes to SKE for supporting Vinyl Production of this album.
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So you open the door and there stands a zebra. Zebra - it's a kind of prototype of dual system, binary code. Everyone wants to have a zebra in his flat. Once I came to police and said: I want to report a zebra robbery. Are you the owner of a zoo? - asked me the policeman. Nope - I said. Do you have a zebra in your apartment? - No, my neighbor had one, and now he doesn't. - So you're not the owner of the zebra? - Now I am - I answered. So they understood absolutely nothing and lost themselves in all this information, mentioned a headache and sent me home. They asked me to bring next time a photo of the zebra and a head X-Ray. As they have never seen a zebra before, what a mess! I will send them the zebra's head X-Ray, so I could kill two rabbits with it. I know that you didn't get the meaning of the last sentence, don't worry, it's a russian saying. If you are a modern artist, you should at least once put some animal into the museum of modern art. If I would be a modern artist I would surely put a zebra in there. Only a zebra's appearance there would mean a lot. But would you ask that zebra before? - getting the same question all the time, asked by my colleagues from the architecture's office. Why should I ask the zebra? - I answer. Don't you know? - my neighbors wonder -  that all the zebras, with their conservative dual view of life, hate all this fancy beau-monde, which comes to museum just to stare at them. Any zebra, which would be in the same above-described situation, sooner or later, standing on a stage in an exhibition hall would say: fuck, what a shit, bring me now this stupid artist! hey you, modern artist, fuck you! Find another idiot for your project - then she/he will turn and go away. Zebras have the place to go. They are everywhere welcome, or not - duality, so to say. Dear listener, you are now probably asking yourself: why is this song about zebra? Maybe you are already waiting to start criticize me in the absence of sense in this song, but the absence of sense doesn't suppose to have an absence. If something isn't here, there is nothing then. And of course you will always find a zebra somewhere close to you.