The Sensor Board is a gesture based sensor DIY controller, which can be used to perform electronic music.

Sensor Board was developed and built by Nick Acorne, who's main goal in electronic music is to reach more performativity and liveness in his live electronic performances. The Sensor Board is based on Arduino microcontroller and uses Pure Data Software for sound processing, as well as for samples and other sound output.
Photo © N. Acorne

Since The Sensor Board's development more than 20 live performances were played with this instrument. 

First concert with the Sensor Board was played 2015 together with colleagues from Elektrichka Sensor Trio. June 2016 Nick Acorne won the first place at the first Austrian Composer's Slam in Salzburg, performing his piece "The Flight", composed for the Sensor Board. The Sensor Board was also presented 2017 during the participation at Heidelberger Frühling Festival and at "Greatest Hits" Festival in Hamburg.
Photo © O. Osipov
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