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by Nick Acorne
On January 25, 2020 in the Forum Stadtpark the nine hour improvised piano concert RUBILOVO by Nick Acorne took place.
RUBILOVO means "shredded" in Russian and corresponds to the experimental and eclectic jazz avant-garde genre of this music improvisation.

From 10 pm and up to 7 am Nick Acorne was improvising piano without a single break. Dozens of alarm clocks set to 7 am were placed around the grand piano during the RUBILOVO performance and rang at the end of the improvisation. Additional to acoustic sound of clocks’ ticking, the whole environment was fulfilled with the nine hours sound installation, based on the sound recordings of different clocks and alarms. Left and right wall of the space were projected with a countdown timer and stopwatch, measuring the time played and showing the time, which Nick Acorne still had to play till the end.


Listen to the RUBILOVO album online:
  • No time to stop!

    Nine hours of improvised piano music without breaks!

    Nick played for nine hours without a single break! All nine hours he was improvising. Recorded sound material became the nine hours long album titled RUBILOVO

  • When music is longer then its allowed to be.

    One long track, which had to be splitted into 9 tracks

    The whole recording had to be splitted into 9 tracks to be uploaded on the streaming platforms.

RUBILOVO is a mixture of tension and attention.
Nick Acorne plays piano improvisation for one hour until dozens of alarm clocks go off.

Performance which is a challenge for the artist each time.

Rubilovo is a russian word, which comes from a word "rubit" - to cut with an axe. "Rubilovo" can be used to describe an aggressive and expressive way of playing musical instrument, and that's exactly what's happening during Nick Acorne's Rubilovo performances.
Photos ©  O.Osipov